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Graham - Ireland
Graham – Ireland

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James - Stealth Pro Team UK
James – Stealth Pro Team UK
James – UK – North East

Name: James Dixon

Location: North East (Typically fishing anywhere from Tynemouth to Eyemouth)

Rides: Stealth Profisha 475

Type of fishing: Saltwater

I have always been mad about the coast and sea. I’m originally from the South East but moved north to study Marine Biology in 1996 which gave me a real platform to pursue my passions.  I love surfing, stand up paddle boarding, kitesurfing and more recently kayak fishing. Kayak fishing started for me in 2011.  I was totally hooked from the beginning.  Kayak fishing for me is a type of therapy.  I enjoy just getting on the water to unwind, catch up with friends and hopefully catch a few fish. 


In the summer I love light lure fishing over kelp beds, rocky headlands and exploring the odd wreck or two.  The thrill of hooking a big cod or Pollock on light gear is awesome!  In winter, I get my cod goggles on.  The cod fishing on the North East coast can be brilliant.  I also love to travel to fish and often venture into Scotland and went to Norway for a week last year which was fantastic.  I am keen to keep learning and spend many sessions experimenting with different rigs and lures and hunting for new species.    The trip is just as much fun for me as the fishing and the Stealth Profisha is the perfect tool for me.  I just love paddling it!  It is super quick and great in less than perfect conditions allowing me to paddle further and head out more often. Storage is great as is secondary stability.  It doesn’t hold me back and simply allows me to make the most out of my fishing trips which suits me just fine :-)


I am delighted to be part of the Stealth team.  Exciting times are ahead.  I cannot wait!

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