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Stealth kayaks: the RIDE of your life!

Welcome to Stealth Performance Products.

Stealth Performance Products is  currently South Africa’s leading  fishing kayak and kayak accessory manufacturer.

Having actively established themselves in the market in 1998, Stealth has grown in leaps and bounds to cater for every  kayakers dream.

Beginning with the manufacturing of high performance racing kayaks, Stealth Performance Products has now developed into the leading fishing and recreational kayak manufacturer. With over 15 different designs and constant research and development  we continue to expand our range…

Using modern technology and in house designs with CAD and CNC cutting machines the latest designs are developed and accurately cut to be the leaders in their field. With all the features every modern kayak should have Stealth Performance Products continuously drives for the ultimate kayak.

Over the years, STEALTH has developped 3 ranges of fishing kayaks known as Supalite; Evolution and Profisha.

In order to help customers choose the right kayak to suit their needs and use, Stealth has renamed its 3 product ranges as follows:

  • Supalite -> Surf Fisha
  • Evolution -> Fisha
  • Pro Fisha -> unchanged and staying Pro Fisha

As an angler there are generally 3 types of customers:

  1. the guy who wants a kayak that handles the waves or surf the best
  2. the one who wants extra stability but improved speed and
  3. the experienced angler who has a hunger for speed and performance without worrying about the stability.

Hence the 3 new ranges:
Surf Fisha – the surf riders delight

New Surf Fisha 470
New Surf Fisha 470

Fisha – extra speed but max stability

Fishing kayak Stealth Fisha 500
Stealth Fisha 500

Pro Fisha – the Speed and performance machine.

Surfing on a Stealth fishing kayak!
Surfing on a Stealth Pro Fisha!

Stealth fishing kayaks / kayaks de pêche Stealth